Is Data Visualization the “Front-End” for Big Data?

With great graphics comes great storytelling responsibility – says founder of VISUALIZED.

This article was originally posted on InteractiveTV Today.

Data visualization – once the province of magazine and newspaper infographics designers – is big business now. A big, interactive business. From University Ave. to Madison Ave. to Wall St. – data visualization (or data viz – for short) is changing the way we perceive and evaluate data sets that are well beyond “blink”-like comprehension. From election result predictions to regime-toppling protests to TV advertising analytics – synapse-short attention spans are increasingly looking for meaning amidst the quantified world around us. “I really think data visualization is the front-end of Big Data,” says Eric Klotz, founder of VISUALIZED – an organization that recently sponsored their second annual 2 day conference in NYC dedicated to the subject. Hundreds of attendees from around the world packed into the Times Center in early February to hear the leading thinkers on data viz share their take on where it’s all heading. Television’s future as an interactive medium is just one of the areas where data viz will be essential.

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