Demo Day: Discover New Companies in Story + Tech

Wednesday, May 7, 2014  //  5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
@nymediacenter //  #StoryTech


Demo Day is the flagship program for the Made in NY Media Center by IFP’s Incubator members to showcase their work at the intersection of story + technology. The selected teams, Blank on BlankNarratively, Radish Lab, and SC5 — interactive agencies, digital studios, HTML5 designers and a news platform — will present their projects to a curated audience of investors, brand agencies, and foundations in a position to invest, mentor, support or otherwise collaborate with the projects.

Presentations are the culmination of a month long training program at the Media Center with a team of advisers and mentors representing top VCs, brand agencies, and entrepreneurs.

Following the Demo Day presentations, there will be a cocktail reception, and the Media Center Marketplace, an opportunity to meet dozens of other Media Center Incubator members and Artists in Residence presenting their companies.

Demo Day attendance is by invitation only. For more information, please contact: Sabrina Dridje, Media Center Community Manager,


Demo Day Pitching Teams

blank-on-blank-logo-300x26 (1)

Blank on Blank: Famous Names, Lost Interviews. Unheard tapes from journalists, interviewers and storytellers are transformed into an animated series on YouTube and PBS. A production of Quoted Media—a nonprofit studio dedicated to bringing new and vintage archives to life. The future of storytelling? Remixing the past. (David Gerlach)

narratively logo

Narratively is a platform for sharing and discovering untold human stories. Their 800+ contributors comb the world for the underdogs and overlooked tales that enlighten us and capture our imagination. Listed on TIME magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2013,” Narratively practices “slow storytelling,” exploring one theme each week and publishing one story a day. Each story is presented in the most appropriate medium, whether video, longform or shortform writing, photo, audio, animation, or comics. With Narratively, each and every story gets the space and time needed to have an impact. (Noah Rosenberg & Brendan Spiegel)

radishlab_logo_4x3 copy

Radish Lab is a full-service interactive agency focused on people and projects changing the world. They tackle projects with social impact and use great design to solve complicated challenges for nice people. In the next few years, they hope to become one of the world’s leading agencies focused on creative solutions for non-profit, culture, and educational clients. (Alana Range & Ed Wisniewski)


SC5 is a team of 70+ experts who form the largest and most experienced HTML5 design/development team in Europe. As of 2014, Brooklyn is the home of SC5, USA. Using the newest technologies, and best open source platforms, SC5 emphasizes an adaptive user experience that exploits the modular, extendable and maintainable architecture beneath the front end. Their expertise with CSS, Javascript, and HTML5 allows them to provide enterprise grade products and services that seamlessly work on all devices – desktop, mobile and tablets. (Brian August)

Demo Day Mentors
Matt Stinchcomb, VP, Values & Impact, Etsy (Radish Lab Mentor)
Anthony Onesto, Executive // Advisor – Digital Advertising, Startup & High Growth Companies (Blank on Blank Mentor)
Reuben Steiger, Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of  8&Up (Narratively Mentor)
Mark Adams, VP & GM North America, Accedo (SC5 Mentor)


Demo Day “Art of the Pitch” Training
Tomas Larsson, Executive Creative Director, Jack Morton Worldwide
Leesa Wytock, VP, Head of Digital, Jack Morton Worldwide
Darrell Coetzee, Head of Consumer, Jack Morton Worldwide
Melinda Lindland, SVP New Business, Jack Morton Worldwide
Ray Mendez, Creative Director, Concept Farm
Ryan McLaughlin, Chief Strategy Officer, Tribal Worldwide
Heather Stuckey, Head of Client Relationships, Tribal Worldwide


Media Center Marketplace Participants
Participating Media Center Incubator companies & Artists in Residence.

ALLEYWIRE (Neil St. Clair, Alden Peters) is a video-centered discovery platform, showcasing the most innovative emerging brands and founders based in New York, or affecting New Yorkers through original, editorially- driven coverage on human-centered stories.

ASIAN CINEVISION (Lesley Yiping Qin, John Woo) is a New York-based media non-profit organization that has produced since 1978 the annual Asian American International Film Festival, the longest film festival of its kind in the States.

AUTOMATIC STUDIOS (Che Chisholm) is an interactive community where kids are inspired to create visual stories by learning the art and technical craft of moviemaking.

AWAKENING (Lauren Feeney) is a groundbreaking multimedia initiative featuring women of the Middle East and North Africa in their continuing quest to realize the goals of the region’s 2011 revolutions: “Bread, freedom and social justice!” It is the first project of its kind to focus on women’s unyielding struggle to create a better tomorrow for the tumultuous MENA region, despite flagrant attempts to silence their voices.

BRIDGE AGENCY (Anthony Hernandez, Jason Wiley, Mike Morris, Quan Dunbar) specializes in identifying and utilizing the “linking” factors between brands and consumers. We execute engaging campaigns utilizing custom content, experiential marketing and social media designed to create an ongoing dialogue with targeted consumers. Expert-In-Residence

DISPLACED (Sam Eaton) Over the next half century, droughts, floods and rising seas will cause the largest human migration in history, as hundreds of millions of people are driven from their ancestral lands. Journalist Sam Eaton has embarked on an international multimedia project, Displaced, that will document the stories of resilience and survival among this new class of global migrant.

ENGINE78 (Joshua Kessler) Born and bred in the editorial world, ENGINE78 is a collective of passionate storytellers that uses words, photography, film and technology to produce engaging content and experiences for brands to connect with consumers.

FORERUNNER FILMS (Soojin Chung) Currently in pre-production on “Hungry For Love” – One night in New York, two lonely, overweight food lovers embark a five borough eating adventure determine to commit suicide by self-inducing a heart attack.

GLOBAL FILM COLLECTIVE (Kevin Christoffersen) is a documentary project portal that facilitates the collective filmmaking process through video content sourcing and shared resources.

JUMPING ROCK (Mesh Flinders) Creator of the popular online series Lonelygirl15, is the founder of Jumping Rock, a company specializing in entertainment for teens. Artist-in-Residence

ORIGINAL ORIGINAL FILMS (Paul Kamuf) develops custom technologies that uniquely integrate narrative and presentation.

PART&SUM (Jim Babb) is digital product innovation, strategy and management firm, collaborating with organizations to trasform their approach to digital products.

PIPTURE INC (Martin Lenclos) Pipture’s video messaging studios work with clients to create and distribute personalized, daily video messages adapted for easy transmission on the web and via email directly to your customers.

PLAYMATICS (Nicholas Fortugno) is a company dedicated to bringing rich gaming & engaging interactive experiences to a variety of connected platforms, through both branded and original IP. Expert-in-Residence

SEED&SPARK (Amanda Trokan, Erica Anderson) is the world’s first crowd funding and streaming platform made just for independent film.

SNAKT (Tristan Snell) is a mobile-centric platform for creating, sharing, and remixing short videos and private video messages — and to share and remix videos from the artists and brands you love.

STRANGE (Ben Hughes) is a creative studio working at the intersection of advertising, entertainment and technology.

THE LEVIATHAN CRONICLES (Christof Laputka) is a biweekly science fiction audio drama, following one woman;s discovery of a tribe of immortals that have hidden themselves in the deepest part of Earth’s oceans.

TRESENSA. INC (Robert Grossberg) is a NYC-based HTML5 game development/distribution company that optimizes games for the mobile web, working with HBO, WWE, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Kik, Amazon and many others to support their mobile gaming efforts.

URBAN ROMANCES (Nelson George, Ashley Mui; Malika Weeden; Leslie Norville) is a twenty-year old film and television production company specializing in African American content headed by Nelson George. Urban Romances is branching out to include trans-media projects in their storytelling of slate. Artists-In-Residence

ZACK WILSON runs Plotpoint, an NYC company that specializes in branded content, commercials, visual communication strategy and premium serialized fiction originals. Clients include Barnes & Noble, Avon, 2U, Sony Entertainment, AOL, Acumen Fund and PwC. Alongside this, he also runs The Filmshop, a NYC non-profit organization building a tight-knit indie film community through valuable, tough-love peer critiques on a weekly basis, idea generation workshops and thriving knowledge exchanges.