Big Fuel’s Anthony Onesto on Attracting Talent Through Marketing

Anthony Onesto is the Chief Talent Officer at Big Fuel.

This article was originally posted on THE MAKEGOOD.

Anthony Onesto is the Chief Talent Officer at Big Fuel. Anthony has been working in HR management for the past dozen plus years at companies including Fresh Direct and Zeta Interactive. We recently spoke with Anthony about his current role.

The Makegood: Anthony, you have facilitated growth of companies, for example Fresh Direct. What would you say are some best practices a company should take into consideration when they have to hire quickly?

AO: Yes, build a process and structure, but not a rigid one. One that can be changed based on environment and hiring needs. Companies also need to think about recruiting in a marketing sense. What I mean is that the old way of recruiting does not work anymore, you have to market your company. In the same way you market to customers, you must use marketing techniques to attract talent. The person you want working for you is not on a job board, but sitting at a desk working really hard. You must have an authentic identity on social, digital and offline channels and each one must be tailored to the audience – passive job seekers. This is why our recruiting department at Big Fuel is called Talent Marketing.

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