Ant Works

Gallery 9–7pm
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Video Installation – Catherine Chalmers

A Visual study of leafcutter ants that includes video, photography, drawing, and sculpture.

Leafcutter ants are "the most complex social creatures other than humans," says eminent biologist E.O. Wilson.  They wage brutal wars and invented agriculture long before we were even human.  For the past five years I have been filming and photographing and following the fates of ten colonies in Costa Rica.  I am inspired by what the ants naturally do and work with their behavior to create my artwork.  The content is a result of both our contributions.   Leafcutter ants select leaves, cut shapes, and parade with their pieces across the forest floor.  The accumulation of their small gestures produces great complexity.  Ants are hyperaware of what their millions of mates are doing.  Styles and preferences come and go like trends in the art world.  Some days they carry mostly red, other days purple.  One week the carried a lot of spots.  In the end it is always multiple decisions made by multiple minds.  And therein lies their power.

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