Growth Hacks for Early Stage Startups

Special Event
Theater 6:30–8pm
  • Regular $15
  • Media Center Members $10

One of the greatest challenges of launching a new startup is growth. How do you find your first 1000 customers and keep them happy? How do you focus on growth while bootstrapping your business? If you’ve ever faced these challenges with your startup, join us for lightening talks and an in-depth discussion on growth hacking techniques for early stage startups on December 1st. 

You will walk away with an understanding of the basic fundamentals of growth hacking, how it differs from traditional marketing techniques, and why a little creativity in customer acquisition can go a long way. Hear case studies, out-of-the box ideas and insider tips from some of the top growth hackers in NYC. 

The Panelists:

Michael Taylor, Chief Performance Officer and Co-Founder, Ladder Digital  

Chris Bolman, Director of Integrated Marketing, Percolate 

Angela Matthews, Founder and Marketing Director, AM Social Media 

Clara Buchanan, Founder, Hypergrow

 Moderated By: 

John Matson, Sales & Marketing Manager at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP

Michael Taylor

Michael has spent over $20m on marketing over 6 years at high growth startups and publicly traded companies. He's now Chief Performance Officer & Co-Founder of Ladder Digital, a growth marketing agency.

Chris Bolman

Chris is Director of Integrated Marketing at Percolate, a thoughtful technology company that's transforming marketing at brands like GE, Marriott, Converse, and Lyft. Prior to Percolate Chris founded and led BuzzFork, a social marketing automation software startup he grew to profitability, thousands of active users, and customers in 23 countries in less than six months. You can also find him on Twitter(@ChrisBolman) and his blog

Angela Matthews

Angela Matthews is the Founder and Marketing Director of AM Social Media, a results driven marketing consulting firm. Angela has a reputation for being a thought leader in the space of Marketing and Online Reputation Restoration. She is a master in the craft of growth hacking to achieve direct results and recently launched a digital course called the "Reputation Fix It Kit." 

With a background in Finance, Digital Strategy, Marketing and Philosophy the underlying basis of Angela's projects begin with a signature holistic view: “Big Picture” thinking creates large scale impact. While working with companies like HUGE Web Design Agency, Goldman Sachs, and Ralph Lauren, her strategies to business, digital, and life have been quoted as “Prolific.” As a digital nomad, Angela’s personal mission is to leave everyone she meets touched, moved, and inspired.  As the CEO of AM Social Media she helps companies who want to do the same. 

Clara Buchanan

Clara Buchanan is a growth hacker specializing in early traction, product virality, digital marketing, early user acquisition,  brand positioning and retention focused growth strategy. She is the founder of Hypergrow, a digital growth and innovation agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Hypergrow partners with their startup clients, guiding them through the early stages and equipping them to better take on the market. Clara is also mentor for EDGE Edtech, Kaplan and Techstar’s educational technology accelerator based in NYC and has been featured on The Next Web as one of the Top 20 Growth Hackers. 

Pre-Hypergrow, Clara had worked as a growth hacking consultant and "early CMO on lease" to over 20 startups, helping them lay the internal infrastructure for growth, and insert their product into the market in a sustainable and scaleable mannerism.

John Matson

John creates marketing strategies, iniates sales and marketing campaigns, and uses all aspects of the marketing mix to introduce innovative people to the mission of the Media Center. Before coming to the Media Center, John was the Marketing Manager for Guggenheim Productions, where he oversaw business development, digital and content marketing initiatives, CRM and project workflow development, and pioneered the Guggenheim Annex, a white cyc production studio. 

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