Culture Shift Breakfast: Mastering Perspective and Optimizing Leadership

Suite 8:30–10am
  • Regular $25
  • Media Center Members $15

We are all leaders, if only of ourselves. All leadership starts with mastering perspective.

Our leadership ability determines how we develop, support, sustain, and motivate relationships. Knowing how to identity and speak to different mindsets will greatly enhance your effectiveness in communicating, and getting the results you want, from each interaction, your team, and your organization.

In this workshop, we'll be identifying perspectives that hinder and serve us as leaders. This is an intensive inner-reflection workshop meant to trigger your ability to choose your perspective at-will to better serve yourself and those you lead.

About Your Workshop Leader: 

Amie Jean is an Executive Coach specializing in sustainable leadership development. Her continuing mission is to help leaders fuel collaboration, fortify their connection to themselves and others, and make a lasting impact on those they lead. Amie's background includes serving NYC and Brooklyn as a Birth Doula, and prior to entrepreneurship she held positions in event coordination, tech education, and digital production. Amie is also an Expert in Residence here at the MINY Media Center, providing volunteer support and coaching to community members. 

You can find more information about Amie here

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