BRDG Studios Presents: BLINK VR

Gallery 6–10pm
  • Regular FREE


Join us at the opening reception on 9/7 for free wine and beer, with artists in attendance! RSVP here!


As part of IFP Week 2017, the Made in NY Media Center has partnered with BRDG Studios to debut BLINK VR – a new virtual reality experience for groups, without the headset. 
BLINK VR is a rentable projection dome for groups to experience virtual reality. 
We all love VR but we don’t like feeling foolish in a headset, and we want to share the experience with our friends! VR can and should be experienced in groups and users should retain their dignity.  BLINK VR is rentable projection dome for groups to experience virtual reality. A call for entries is now open – come to the opening on 9/7 to see the amazing content that's been selected for exhibition!
About BRDG Studios
BRDG brings digital moments to physical spaces. Using technology to build cutting edge experiences for retail environments, art galleries, live entertainment, and events of all kinds, they make and execute a wide variety of projects. Their teams program, animate, and design, as well as install, rig, build, and run, and they work with different clients in different capacities. 



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