Explorations: Light Year

Special Event
Theater 6–9pm
  • Regular FREE


Free beer and wine starting at 6PM!

Light Year is a year-long project presented by 3_Search (Leo Kuelbs Collection, Glowing Bulbs, and John Ensor Parker) in collaboration with the DUMBO Improvement District and the NYC DOT.  Originally created in celebration of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as the Year of Light and Light Art, Light Year has hosted the work of over 100 artists and curators from around the world.


The Made in NY Media Center is proud to present a screening of the latest Light Year exhibition – Decomposition and Transcendence – followed by a panel and discussion with the artists and curators centered around the many challenges and hurdles that both face when tasked with producing public art.


The evening will be begin with a screening of all seven videos featured in Light Year 11: Decomposition and Transcendence and will be followed with a panel featuring current and past Light Year artists, as well as creator and curator Leo Kuelbs.


Featuring new sound and video work by:

Sarah Trouche

Radka Salcmannova

MarieVic + Theo Croker

Thomas D. Rotenberg + Jarboe

Naormi Meijia Wang + John Terhorst

Zoé Duchesne + Alex Hamadey

Ryan Uzilevsky + Adam Harding

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