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The entertainment landscape has changed drastically inside of the last few years. While the old standbys – movies, television, and games – still remain, the connectivity and interactivity that the internet provides has opened up new opportunities for both storytellers and viewers to engage with one another in ways no one could have imagined. No one has to remain a passive participant – stories are becoming collaborations, with the creators’ content being shaped by viewer input.

(un)Familiar Interactions will highlight five interactive, web-based creations, from the impending technological doom of “Body/Mind/Change” and “Swartzshield,” to exploratory journeys “Lahore Landing” and “Southside Stories” as well as the sentimental examination, “The Story Of The Stuff,” the show seeks to demonstrate the depth of this new mode of storytelling that’s still being defined even as we speak.


Join us at the opening reception on 8/6 from 6-9pm for free wine and beer!


Featured Projects



Body/Mind/Change, the digital extension of TIFF’s exhibition David Cronenberg: Evolution, immerses audiences in a “Cronenbergian” world inspired by the film Videodrome, re-imagined for the 21st century and brought to life across three platforms – the Web, mobile and the real world.

Produced by CFC Media Lab, in co-production with TIFF, and starring David Cronenberg, Body/Mind/Change is the first Web interactive experience that generates a 3D-printed object based on data collected from the player.


Lahore Landing

Lahore Landing is an interactive documentary on another side of Pakistan.

The project was started by Taahira Ayoob (producer), Jeremy Ho (director), Jemimah Seow (art & design) and Andre He (director of photography), four students from Singapore who were in Lahore from late November of 2014 to late January of 2015.
When the team came and Pakistanis asked them about why they were there, they introduced their project as such, and often got a bemused look and one reply: "there is no other side…"
It all started when Taahira went to Karachi for a journalism internship. Over Skype calls, she shared her experiences – from underground indie rock concerts to alfresco BBQ nights. It surprised everyone. It seemed that all the media shared about life in Pakistan was a world of violence and terrorism when it was a lot more than that. As media students, they saw a communication problem – an information asymmetry that needed to be questioned.
This is that journey. The narrator that brings you through the website is a consolidated entity conflating their shared experiences, the progress from perception to realization.



Swartzshield is an immersive web experience halfway between interactive storytelling and gaming, The story is inspired by current topics such as surveillance, privacy and censorship on the internet.

Notorious hacker Swartzshield discovers a secret project by the Government’s Department of Civil Data Administration named “Gepetto”, and is caught by the enemy. The players have to help him escape, and to do so, they have to discover all the secrets behind the project in an extremely dangerous operation.

Swartzshield is a project created by Spektor Storytelling. Spektor is a digital agency based in Amsterdam that creates transmedia stories and user experiences to engage audiences for companies, NGOs and brands. for this project they worked together with adaptive music composer Claynote, web developer Peakfijn and students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Southside Stories

Southside Stories is an immersive audio walk into the Southside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The walk features the long-term residents from the community.
Discover how residents are preserving a sense of identity, community and connection to "home" amid exponentially rising rents and a landscape rapidly undergoing transformation. Through the walk's 35-minute route, participants unravel the stories of people and places. These stories from residents are peppered with instructions for audience members to take off their headphones, go into businesses and interact with locals. The experience encourages a reinvigorated sense of discovery and responsibility in participants' relationship with the city. 
Directed by Shannon Carroll. This project is part of Living Los Sures, a UnionDocs Collaborative Production.
The Story Of The Stuff
An investigation into America’s obsession with temporary memorials, THE STORY OF THE STUFF is a web documentary that tracks what happens to more than half a million letters, 65,000 teddy bears, and hundreds of thousands of other packages, donations, and condolence items sent to Newtown, Connecticut, in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting.
A native of Joelton, Tennessee, Ashley Maynor has previously been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech and a production mentor for Stony Brook University's MFA in Film program. 
She is a past recipient of the Sundance Institute's Sheila C. Johnson Creative Producing Fellowship and the American Library Association's Justin Winsor Prize. In 2015, she was named one of "10 to Watch" byIndependent Magazine.
Her work has been supported by the Sundance Institute, the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP), the Austin Film Society, the Southern Humanities Media Fund, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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