It's Who You Know: Master Networking and Build Meaningful Relationships for Collaboration

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Cafe 6:30–8:30pm
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If you think networking is a "dirty" word, you're not alone.

A lot of people think "networking" is just walking into a room, trying to impress as many people as possible, and leaving with a stack of a hundred business cards. Especially if you consider yourself an "introvert" — you probably find it intimidating since you think everyone at these things is an "extrovert" and you don't know think there's any way you have something to offer.

In reality, networking is really just about making friends.

Networking is about building meaningful friendships with people who do work that interests you. When you start to take the "work" out of it, you can think of it as building a net of people who can and will support you. And the best part of making friends is that friends really want to help each other out. If you start to plant seeds, instead of just looking for the next person who can hand you a job, you'll have people who actually want to help you out without you having to ask for it — whether it be a new job opening, someone they think you should meet, or even a co-founder.

Join Made in NY Media Center by IFP and unhustle for a brilliant discussion on how to connect with people and build meaningful relationships through networking!

If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing and need personal assistance in order to attend this event, please contact community@nymediacenter.com to request personal assistance at a minimum of 10 days before the event date.



6:30-7:00pm – Check-in, mingling, drinking

7:00-7:30pm – An excellent discussion with our distinguished panelists

7:30-7:45pm – Your chance to ask questions

7:45-8:30pm – Making new friends

$5 beers and wines will be provided.



Amy Jung – Design Strategist @ Shared Realities, Co-Founder @ Raw Haus

Amy Jung is a Design Strategist building people-centered experiences for brands and programs. You'll always find her developing frameworks for others to connect and grow. She is rooted in the philosophy of building awesome teams, evangelizing the value of design, supporting communities, and being passionate about both teaching and learning. Amy is currently the co-founder of Raw Haus, the organization supporting emerging creatives in art, design, and technology; consults for early-stage startups under Shared Realities and previously the Program Director at the retail accelerator, XRC Labs.

Twitter – @itsamyjung@raw_haus

Instagram – @amyjunggg



Aaron Cohn is the Director of Customer Experience at Dirty Lemon (a beverage startup that sells exclusively via text message) and teaches Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University. A superconnector in the NYC tech community, he's started 2 companies (the first acquired in 2014), and was previously led Customer Experience & Growth at FlyCleaners. In his free time, he dabbles in improv, organizes ski trips, and helps run Founders Friday, a weekly conversation with a top NYC founder.

Twitter – @acohn24

Instagram – @acohncohn

Nicole Chi – Senior Associate Consultant @ Skaled

Nicole Chi will talk to anyone and everyone about ideas to build the capacity of the social impact sector and drive greater collaboration between the nonprofit and tech sectors. She started her career at Root Cause's Social Innovation Forum, which educates and connects resource providers (funders, investors, and volunteers) and on-the-ground leaders of nonprofit organizations and social impact businesses. Then, at Skaled, she helped 30+ technology startups build and implement the right processes and technology to scale their business in a repeatable, sustainable way. Now, she is looking forward to her new role at Civic Hall Labs, where she will be helping to develop and grow their pro bono tech program, which engages talent from the tech industry to work on meaningful projects to amplify nonprofit impact. Other topics Nicole is currently interested in: international development, entrepreneurship/startups, design thinking.


About unhustle:

unhustle was born out of a desire to create genuine, lasting value for people through no-bullshit professional development and community. unhustle is trying to flip the obsession with "hustling" through meaningful and collaborative community and mindful professional growth backed with practical skills and foundational knowledge.

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