Community Happy Hour | ClassWork + Instructors

Cafe 6:30–8:30pm
  • Regular FREE
The drinks are on us!
Building meaningful relationships with other creatives is the best way to foster a strong network of friendships and future collaborators. Join us for a evening of friendly conversations, drinks, and games that will make it easy to create thoughtful connections amongst a rich network of learners. You'll also get the chance to meet with instructors and ask all the questions you've wanted to know about classes and membership.
All attendees will be entered to win three free classes! The more friends you bring, the more chances you have to win. And who said networking wasn't fun? 

Student Testimonals:

"Leadership is all about practice. And this class,you would do a lot of practice to learn how to know yourself better and how to become a better leader. This is my 5 stars class."

"I really enjoyed taking this course with Eddie. He was such a great instructor. He was very informative and kept the class going. He knows how to keep the attention of the class. I liked that he had good advice to share with the group, and his presentation was also well organized. I also enjoyed our second part of the class very much because it involved a lot of practice/group activity. That really helped make the class flow well and allowed us to practice on things that we struggled with. I would definitely recommend Eddie as an instructor!"

"The full-spectrum approach taught in this course is refreshing, relatable and actionable. Marianne's authenticity shines through the material and I especially appreciated the agreement to maintain confidentiality within the course, and really liked the "I like/I wish" exercise, the personalized homework assignments, and all of the opportunities to share with each other. I learned a tremendous amount from my class mates and a lot about myself."

"Paul Harrill is a fantastic teacher!! I will attend any class he ever has in the future at the Media Center. He understands every aspect of filmmaking from the ideation phase to production and down to the nitty gritty of post production! Truly great class, I wish it was 3 sessions long instead! I feel that 3 sessions would have given more time to expand on certain subjects."

"So amazing! This is my third class with BeSpoken and it gets better every time. I love the personal attention each person gets and how safe of a space the team creates."


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