Performing Animals, Etc.

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Opening Reception // DUMBO First Thursday Art Walk: Thurs., April 2, 6-9pm. Free & Open to the Public.

Gallery Hours: M-F 9a-10pm; Sat-Sun 10-6p

The title of this group exhibition was taken from one of artist Diane Dwyer’s project statements:

"A large public entertainment, featuring exhibitions of pageantry, feats of skill and daring, performing animals, etc. interspersed throughout with the slapstick antics of clowns.”

… A passage that was, in turn, lifted shamelessly from Dictionary.com’s definition of “circus”. And now that we have that whole ‘dictionary definition’ trope out of the way, up next is the fancy art-speak: 

The works on display from Lily Benson, Jose Joaquin Figueroa, Kathryn Marshall, and the aforementioned Ms. Dwyer employ various means — costumes, props, body paint, dance, color, humor, and miscellaneous postproduction trickery — to explore fluid, symbiotic relationships between video, performance, painting, sculpture and collage. See? Fancy. 

Curated by David William. David — also known as D.Billy — is a Brooklyn-based maker of things and doer of stuff. His work has appeared in the occasional exhibition, but more frequently on the walls and in the mailboxes of friends and acquaintances. His public “site intervention” projects began on the streets of New York and ended up in the books Urban Interventions and Tangible: High-Touch Visuals from Gestalten; the book 3D Typography from Mark Batty; and on the outside of a box truck in England for KK Outlet’s “Make Art on the Street” campaign for Red Stripe Lager. In his idle time, he reads a lot of comic books and wonders if he could make it as a comedy writer or a root beer sommelier. TWITTER: @d_billy INSTAGRAM: @d_billy


Lily Benson:
Explosions (2010), 0:11
Peer Pleasure (2010), 2:11

Diane Dwyer:
Diane’s Circus — collection of short videos, animated GIFs, and tiled wallpapers
Field performance collaboration with Suzanne Stroebe & Thane Lind

Jose Joaquin Figueroa:
Yet Another Wonderland – Costume 1-4 (2013), 0:30 each
Yet Another Wonderland – Souvenir (La Venezuela de Antier) (2013), 0:30
Yet Another Wonderland – Souvenir (Mirror Image) (2013), 0:20
Yet Another Wonderland – Souvenir (The Perfect Way) (2013), 0:24

Kathryn Marshall:
Coloropoly (2013), 4:23
Chroma-Choreography (Camoflesh) with Noemi Bilger (2013), 9:43
Mock Science (2013), 2:39 

LILY BENSON is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Malmö, Sweden. Her work examines feminist history and reconstructs it into new narrative forms. She received a BFA from The Cooper Union in NYC and is a MFA candidate at Malmö Konsthögskolan in Sweden. Her work has been shown at places such as the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, CPH:DOX, International Film Festival Rotterdam, and Galleri Nicolai Wallner in Copenhagen. INSTAGRAM: @lilahund

DIANE DWYER was born in Japan, and grew up in New England. She now lives in Brooklyn, where she hosts projects and events in her apartment including Diane’s Circus and Cloying Parlor. Much of her performance work consists of interventions and private actions, viewed primarily through documentation, if at all. Her work has been screened in Bulgaria, Cuba, England, Ireland, Montenegro, Russia, and Venezuela. In the USA, she has been included in new genres festivals and exhibitions in Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, Las Vegas, and New York. Diane received her BFA from The Museum School/Tufts University and her MFA from the University of Connecticut, where she was awarded a teaching fellowship. Teaching is an important aspect of Diane’s life as an artist. She is currently a part-time assistant professor at Parsons the New School for Design. TWITTER: @di_dwy; INSTAGRAM: @diane_dwyer

JOSE JOAQUIN FIGUEROA was born in 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. Figueroa attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2009, and graduated from The Cooper Union in NYC in 2014. He has given workshops that connect the Queer Body, Hyperreality and Psychomagic in Caracas, Maracaibo and Bógota. He currently lives in Oakland California, where he attends the Art Practice Master’s program at the University of California at Berkeley. INSTAGRAM: @jjfiqui

KATHRYN MARSHALL is a video, performance, and multimedia artist based in Paris and New York. Her recent work uses video to codify the body as an object, which in turn, functions as an organic and versatile screen to be projected onto, or to project its internal/external environment. Her work has been featured on Canal+ in France, Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival in London, The Punto Y Raya Film Festival, Vimeo's Staff Picks page, Radar Music Videos in the UK, as well as the Melbourne International Animation Festival. Past Exhibitions for her video, 2D, and sculptural work were installed at The Batofar, Paris, France; The 41 Cooper Gallery, New York; Le Chapon Rouge Galerie, Paris; and the Maison Des Arts Contemporain (MAC) de Créteil for the "LOW TECH VS. HIGH TECH EXPO" Festival International, Paris. Kathryn is a graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art, New York, and L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Spring 2012). Born 1991, New York. INSTAGRAM: @kmarshall915


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