Culture Shift Breakfast: Turning Design Thinking Theory into Action

Special Event
Classroom 1 8:30–10am
  • Regular $25
  • Media Center Members $15

What if you wanted to accomplish your five-year plan in the next six months? What would you need to change to make that happen? Whether you're working on new product development, growing your business, or something internal like culture change, putting design thinking methods into action through a design sprint can accelerate your success. 

Join Erin Joan Lamberty from The Design Gym for a hands-on workshop that will get into the fundamentals of what design sprints are, what’s needed to pull them off, and what types of challenges they’re best for. But the real value will come through an action planning session to create a design sprint format for you and your team – that’s right, we’re getting meta and doing a design sprint on your first design sprint. You’ll walk out with some new friends and a concrete plan for testing design sprints in your organization. 

About Your Workshop Leader:

Erin Joan Lamberty is a creative soul whose passions for mindful design, diverse collaboration, and lifelong learning have led her down a path to working with forward-thinking organizations.

Erin has nearly 10 years of experience building and leading teams in brand strategy, design facilitation, and digital production. In her role as Community Education Lead at The Design Gym, she designs practice-based programs that teach individuals to become creative problem solvers both in their professional and personal lives.

When not designing educational experiences for TDG, Erin blends her knowledge in design thinking with her studies in yoga and meditation to run a yoga studio out of her apartment—her way of providing calm vibes for stressed out New Yorkers.

Need those calm vibes? Check out @EJLyoga on Instagram.


About The Design Gym: 

Simply put: The Design Gym helps organizations bring design thinking in-house and they empower individuals to lead design thinking projects. To find out more about The Design Gym, visit www.thedesigngym.com.


Questions about this event? Please email: dfoust@nymediacenter.com

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