Blabdroid, Robot Documentarians

Gallery 9–7pm
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Interactive Installation – Alex Reben  – (w/ Brent Hoff)

BlabDroids are making the world’s first documentary shot and directed entirely by robots. Based on the Eliza effect, the theory that people open up when they don't feel judged, BlabDroid is an attempt to create a meaningful interaction between humans and machines.

Blabdroid is also a surrogate robot avatar programmable to contain your voice, ideas, questions, personality, or the downloadable personalities of others. It can film, entertain, and educate with quizzes, games and surprising interviews. The data BlabDroid users record can be shared on the BlabDroid website to reveal new similarities, differences, and aspects of the human condition, thus making BlabDroid more than just a fun robot friend, but also a tool by which to know and understand ourselves. 



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