Golgotha: New Animations by Sean Capone

Gallery 6–10pm
  • Regular FREE


Join us at the opening reception on 1/12 for free wine and beer, with the artist in attendance!

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is proud to present Golgotha, a solo show of new animations by visual artist Sean Capone.


From the artist:

"These animation works are part of my general long-term project to explore the visual forms & motifs associated with troublesome, power-laden discourses such as spirituality, ornamentation and decoration, modernism, etc., and to isolate and re-frame them in the context of contemporary digital moving imagery and ‘expanded cinema.’

"Golgotha represents my desire to explore of the symbol of the cross strictly as a graphic form or icon that remains fixed within a scalable field of generative “whirling forces” — adapting the ideas here of Paul Klee and Sol LeWitt — a field of metamorphic forms in a state of constant autoproduction and erasure, always in flux. The term ‘icon’ is freighted, of course, with its own historical connotations and religious narratives which I’d hoped to extricate myself from; the title Golgotha — and the work’s apparent triptych/cabinet compositional structure — is my concession to the tacit impossibility of this goal."


About the artist

Sean Capone is a visual artist working primarily in digital animation, projection installation, and media art. His interest in "the intersection of moving image and the built environment" has led him to develop a diverse body of work across multiple fields, including public art commissions, artist residencies, gallery & museum exhibitions, film & video festivals, and event & stage scenography.



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