Priya's Shakti

Gallery 9–10pm
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Download the comic, free!, here http://www.priyashakti.com

Exhibition from the innovative augmented reality comic book, "Priya’s Shakti” from their recent launch at the Mumbai Film and Comic Convention in India. The photo series showcases teenagers standing up with Priya, who is a survivor of rape and the main protagonist in the comic book.

ARTISTS: Dan Goldman writes graphic novels and comics for such companies as AMC Television, Random House, Time Magazine, Hachette Books,Entertainment Weekly and New York Magazine. Dan also serves as Second Screen Experience Architect and Transmedia on AMC Television’s flagship original series Breaking Bad, and other shows. His 2006 web-comic, Shooting War earned it an Eisner Award nomination for Best Digital Comic. It has since been published as a hardcover by Hachette Books (US) and Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) with editions in Italian, French and Spanish.

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