Invisible Child

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These photographs tell the story of Dasani, an 11-year-old homeless girl in Brooklyn. The images of her life and family were taken over 15 months, primarily at the Auburn Family Residence, a city-run shelter for the homeless. They offer an unflinching look at poverty in our city and a heartbreaking indictment of our country’s shameful inequality.

Ruth Fremson's images, which accompanied Andrea Elliott’s moving report, were published as a five-part series, “Invisible Child”, on the front page of The New York Times the week of December 9, 2013. At 28,738 words, it is the largest investigative project that The Times has run all at once.

Edward R. Murrow's 1960 television documentary “Harvest of Shame” similarly highlighted the plight of "the forgotten people, the under-protected, the undereducated, the under-clothed, the underfed." Airing the day after Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrating abundance, the report aimed to "shock the consciousness of the nation." "Invisible Child" builds upon this legacy.

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