Over (T)here

Gallery 6–9pm
  • Regular FREE
The Made in NY Media Center is proud to present Over (T)here, a new group exhibition featuring work by Ronan Devlin, Ant Dickinson, and Michael Flückiger.
A display on the 360 wall of two works: Over Flow by Ronan Devlin and Over the Eternal Sea by Ant Dickinson.
Over Flow is a reworking of In Flow, Ronan’s artwork about material and non material changes in state. The moving image piece shows the visual complexity resulting from interplay between two simple triangle graphs, which are drawn from the atomic level geometry of Carbon. The intention is to represent the imperceptible atomic landscape and engage the viewer in a meditative experience.
Over the Eternal Sea is a generative video piece constructed from continuously evolving,  organic patterns reminiscent of pencil or charcoal drawings.  The piece explores concepts of organicism, movement and perpetuity.   Flow field algorithms are used to create visual metaphors for the continuous movement and interaction of matter, geography, humanity and consciousness.
The video wall will display a screen-based drawing by Ronan Devlin and Michael Flückiger. This collaboration came from a habit both artists have of using (meditative) distraction to help find ideas and solve work related problems. The resulting work is built from three channels of filmed footage of wanderings in rural Wales being sequentially masked and revealed by software generated drawings which, breaking mathematical predictability, meander across the screen.
Supported by Arts Council of Wales.
About The Artists
Ronan Devlin, born Northern Ireland 1974, is a UK based artist and designer
Ant Dickinson, born Wales 1982, is a musician, sound designer and technologist based in North Wales and Catalonia
Michael Flückiger, born in Switzerland 1981, is a media artist and designer based in Zurich.

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