Art of Film Financing and Packaging

Dive into US and international film financing with multiple-award winning producer Atit Shah.

11–5pm (Classroom 1)

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How do you keep your financing models current? Where do you begin? How do you stay afloat? This deep dive into US and international film financing aims to demystify the process.

In this class, we will talk raising funds, packaging, streaming, and using and recouping investments in content. From what it means to package a film and specifically identify the various methods used by today's filmmakers in structuring and raising financing to actionable tips and tricks for developing, planning and producing an independent feature film with budgets under $5MM.

What You Will Learn

  • The different kinds of film financing: public, private, debt, among others!

  • Identify the right materials to develop in order to attract investors.

  • How to package your project and stand out to these investors.

  • Workshop best practices when setting up your company and securing your financing.

  • Production tips on your feature film and eventually sell and distribute your feature film.

Prerequisites & Preparation

For filmmakers working on their first feature, or producers with a project or three under their belts, we’ll give clear-eyed perspective on the way financial models operate in today's global marketplace.

About the instructor

Atit Shah

Atit Shah

Atit Shah is a multiple-award winning producer, known for Money (2016), The Crash (2017), Brown Nation (2016), and An Act of War (2015). Shah is the CEO of Create Entertainment with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Create has five feature films releasing in 2017 and three upcoming productions.

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