SEO and SEM for Creatives

This workshop arms filmmakers, artists, and entrepreneurs with the basic vocabulary and skills to garner more traffic to their personal or professional website.

6:30–8:30pm (Classroom 2)Note: This is a 3 part class (6 hours)

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Take as many as you want for $350 month. Or for $500 month also get a daily work space.

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Are you a creaitve looking to get a higher search engine raninking in 12 months for a personal or professional website? 

Search is the great equalizer. Any brand, of any size, with the right search strategy, can be at the top of the consumer’s consideration. Search is also the only time when we actually say, plain and clear, what we are looking for. And the optimization of your brand’s presence in a search engine across devices, anytime, anywhere, could mean thousands of dollars to win, or to lose.

In an environment with increasing complexity and brutal competition, search optimization is an instrumental skill to succeed in the creative tech ecosystem. 

What You Will Learn

  • Search marketing strategies by analyzing unique case studies.

  • Strategies for pairing SEO (organic search) and SEM (paid search).

  • Learn how to utilize search engine optimization and web analytics tools and techniques to understand customers and develop effective marketing campaigns.

  • Explore effective uses of Google Analytics and AdWords. 

  • Discover how to optimize a website that uses more complex design technologies such as dynamic content.

Prerequisites & Preparation

This workshop is intended for filmmakers, artists, or entrepreneurs looking to learn the basic skills to garner more traffic to their personal or professional website.

About the instructor

Grace Mangum

Grace Mangum

Grace E. Mangum is a Webby and MIN award-winning digital strategist with 17 years’ experience in content strategy, web analytics and developing, executing and monetizing integrated marketing programs and new products.

She has deep experience in media and entertainment and has worked to develop and execute digital strategies for such brands as A+E Networks, BBC, AMC Networks, Lifetime Television, British Airways, Cadillac, CNN, HUGE and Time, Inc. to name a few.

In addition to her consulting work Grace is also an Adjunct Instructor in the MS Integrated Marketing graduate program at NYU. She also trains corporations (Conde Nast, Edible, AsiaTV, Publishers Clearing House, BBC) and individual professionals in digital marketing, analytics, SEO, SEM and Social Media through Mediabistro.

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