Employment Opportunities


Role Summary/Purpose

 The Made in NY Media Center Director is a staff position reporting to the Executive Director of IFP/Media Center to drive the vision and mission for the organization. The position is integral to the organization to lead, inspire and motivate the team by example; with integrity, transparency, empowerment and inclusivity, requiring a seasoned executive with both creative and business acumen.

The Director serves as an emissary to the community at large, engaging with the creative, media and tech sectors – helping to build awareness and relationships to attract and engage members, sponsors, educators, students, licensees, mentors, barter organizations, screening & rental referral sources and clients, staff and volunteers, among other audiences.

The position frequently engages with stakeholders including sponsors, partners, IFP Board Members, Media Center Advisory Board, Innovation Committee along with various branches of City government including the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment.

The Director’s primary focus is to oversee and mange each functional department integral to the goals of the organization; developing and planning strategy and measuring success in order to maximize opportunities, overcome obstacles and threats and track progress to target and budget.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with IFP Executive Director to develop concepts, projects, campaigns and other initiatives that drive and further the mission, vision and goals of the organization
  • Manage all Media Center staff, setting and tracking goals that align with the overall objectives of the organization and evaluating performance as well as evaluate staffing needs and recruitment process
  • Manage relationship with the NYC Economic Development Corporation; create & submit all reports and deliverables tied to funding pursuant to the terms of the contract
  • Work closely with CFO on budgets and all matters affecting the financial health and transparency of the Media Center
  • Act as emissary and representative for the center at appropriate external functions, events, and industry symposiums, panels, conferences, etc.
  • Supervise progress and chart success on the various initiatives of the Media Center
  • Oversee and manage Marketing and communications to ensure brand message, positioning and execution of all initiatives and campaigns
  • Oversee Programs to execute vision and provide conversion opportunities
  • Oversee curriculum content and marketing of external facing classes
  • Oversee Community Engagement to maximize membership sales leads for conversions as well as maintaining existing base by providing business support and programs
  • Support Rentals to maximize earned income from industry/corporate clients as well as strategic renters such as filmmakers, studios and organized meet-ups, to feed a diverse pipeline of communities/conversion opportunities
  • Continuously evaluate talent and skillsets; provide development, resources and all available tools for success
  • Maintain relationships with licensees
  • Create and present reports to senior management with resultant metrics that demonstrate deliverables, revenue targets, variance to budgets, opportunities and obstacles
  • Manage administration of Advisory Board
  • Manage administration of Innovation Committee
  • Support Director of External Affairs and Executive Director in cultivating sponsors and funders
  • Spearhead and expand international initiatives
  • Advise and create opportunities for the programmatic department to create new offerings, including white label, stand-alone professional training
  • Oversee the dissemination of special projects including Demo Day, disbursement of grants and Fellowships

To apply, please submit résumé and cover letter to jobs@ifp.org